July 28, 2017

As I Really Am: Splendour Edition ⚡️

Splendour In The Grass has just wrapped up for another year! Whilst we wish we were able to attend this year and have a boogy with you all - we unfortunately had to live vicariously through you instead. The fashion this year proved to be killer as always, 'cos we sure take our festivals seriously here in Australia, no fluffin' around! We spent so long scrolling through all of the amazing photos that you guys tagged us in wearing AsIAm, which made our hearts all warm and fuzzy seeing the pieces come to life. 
We felt that this year at Splendour there was a real shift away from the flower crown phase, and a shift towards more creative expression, with no distinct trend that all of the fashion revolved around. We hope that everyone feels they can be as expressive & creative as they want at festivals, without needing to follow specific trends. Don't be afraid to wear whatever the f**k you want - you do you!
We were lucky enough to work with the lovely Cartia Mallan over the past couple of months to create something really special, which she finally got to reveal at Splendour! This beautiful jacket was designed by Cartia in collaboration with us as an exclusive piece for the festival. Cartia's inspiration for this piece was all about releasing her inner 70's baby, and boy was that achieved. She looked absolutely unreal...



Those that know AsIAm well would know that we don't give a FLUFF who wants to wear ours pieces. Girls, guys? They are made for anyone who wants to rock them!

We just couldn't get over how amazing @bray_harriott looked rocking our Shimmer Pop Robe, Hurricane Pants & Mushroom Gypsy Dress at Splendour. He seriously killed it! 


Here are some more beautiful souls rocking AsIAm at Splendour. We hope it will give you some inspiration on how you could style certain pieces for yourself, or just show you a true representation of these funky pieces in their natural habitats: festivals!


@desiree.mbr in the violet dawn dress

@kellybaldwinnn in the harper crop top + harper skirt


@stephaniegracetaylor in the melody dress


@coaciebean in the hurricane pants + hurricane top


@lyndaldoran in the wild kat coat


@sareyy in the violet dawn skirt


@samtodd in the solaria skirt


@hollawilson, @abbey_lou in the melody kimono + melody dress


@iamchloebowden in the wild kat coat


@taraaduncan in the black mamba bustier


@_mackenziemoor in the hurricane pants


@amy_macalpine in the black mamba skirt


@siantierney in the wild kat coat


@erinmalcomson in the metamorphosis skirt
@cindyxlou in the astrid dress
Until next year Splendour xxx


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May 08, 2017


Groovin The Moo Festival has headed all across Australia these past weeks, with what has been sunshine, good vibes, awesome music, and killer outfits! 
We have srsly been DYING over all of you rocking your AsIAm pieces. Each and every one of you have killed it, truly expressing yourselves and styling the pieces in your own way. Keep doin' you - that is what we are all about 
One piece that you have all been clearly digging for the festival this year was our sheer, bold and fiery HURRICANE PANTS! Damn did you all look fiyahhhh in them  🔥
Here are some of the babes rocking them, which might even give you some inspo on how you could style them yourself (pssst. Splendour coming up soon)
ELLA  (@ellasmith96) at Groovin The Moo Maitland
TARA  (@taraaduncan) at Groovin The Moo Maitland
HOLLY  (@holly.reeves) at Groovin The Moo Adelaide
JAIDYN (@itsjaidynbowden) at Groovin The Moo Canberra 
But apart from the Hurricane Pants, there have been heaps of you rocking other fun pieces! Here are some of our faves...
SKYE  (@skyeleighh) in the Andromeda Strap Crop Top
HAYLEY  (hthxrpe) in the Wild Kat Halter
EMILY  @emilycrowley__ in the Leia Top
ELLA  (@ellawhyte_) in the Hurricane Top
BIANCA  (@_biancadadd) in the Leia Top
BIANCA  in our Hurricane Top, Black Mamba Bustier & Black Mamba Skirt
There was even a super cute TWINNING moment with Casey (casenewman) & Vicky (vickycame) in the Melody Dress! 
It was clear that you are all having a bloody good time at Groovin The Moo Festival! We are absolutely loving looking through all of your photos, and can't wait to see what you all wear to Splendour In The Grass this year as well! If you want us to check out yours too just don't forget to tag us @asiam_thelabel and #AsIAm.
If you are ever after some more inspo, or would just love to see others wearing our pieces make sure to check out our 'AS I REALLY AM' PAGE 💖

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What is AsIAm?

April 07, 2017

What is AsIAm?

Have you come across this sparkly new website, but are still confused AF and wondering what the hell AsIAm is?

Then say no more, you have come to the right place for some answers.
Remember ebonie n ivory?

Well this is same same, but different.

FKA ebonie n ivory... we are now AsIAm The Label.

Basically, we have had a little name change, because who doesn't like a make over right? But not to worry babe, we will never stop making those quirky pieces filled with sequins, mesh, fluff and all of that good stuff! We are still us, just a little fresher, like when you finally shower after a 3 day camping festival (ya know the feeling). 

With AsIAm we only hope to strengthen what we have created so far, with a name that we now feel truly expresses what we are all about. AsIAm is a collective that aims to empower others to be unapologetically themselves, it’s all about quirky pieces and outlandish styling. 

So think of AsIAm as a box of colourful gel pens - full of sparkle just waiting to be used. Miley Cyrus would use ALL of the gel pens, Yeezy would probably only use one, head to toe (let’s be real). There is no right and wrong when it comes to styling your outfits - we are all different and that’s what we f*%king love! At AsIAm we hope to provide you with pieces that will help you to express yourself every day, and inspire you to be AS YOU REALLY ARE. 


Sign up to our mailing list to keep up to date with all of our adventures, latest pieces, promotions, and score 15% off your first order. BOO YAH!!!

We love seeing you all rock our pieces and how you style them in your own ways, so don't forget to show us who you really are and #AsIAm. 

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